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Got Raisins?

If your on Linkedin you may want to join the Cycling Science Group.  Sometimes the posts are a little overly technical for me and my eyes start to glaze over when I’m reading them but the group members are really conscientious about cycling performance so you pickup some good info.

Today a member posted this article from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research about a comparison between sun-dried raisins and “sports jelly beans”.

The bottom line is: “Therefore, SDRs (sun dried raisins) are a natural, pleasant, cost-effective CHO alternative to commercial SJBs that can be used during moderate- to high-intensity endurance exercise.”

It seems like to me that any packaged product claiming to add to performance through special scientific formulated ingredients is already being produced by mother nature for less money.

I have never used sports jelly beans probably because I don’t like regular jelly beans but I did a quick search to see what it would cost me if I did want to try some.  GNC had the best price $26.99 for a 24 pack. Each pack is 1 oz.  So each pack is about $1.12. 

Next I did a quick search for organic sun-dried raisins.  You can get 15 oz for $4.25 from Shop Organic that about $0.28 cents per ounce big difference!

Nutrition facts are another thing that make my eyes glaze over and my brain kinda shuts down so maybe someone who is into really breaking down this stuff can make a comment. My quick analysis tells me that I need to eat about 2 oz of sun-dried raisins to get a comparable on paper result to one pack of sports beans, but at a fraction of the price who cares.  Plus you get the added benefit of eating natural real food.  Here is a link that goes into more detail about the benefits of sun dried raisins.

How to Make Your Own Energy GOO Video

Here is the first of our video tutorials showing how to make your own sports gels, drinks, food and more.  Hope you like it.


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